Who can profit from the new SECTAG technology?

  • Companies who produce metals
  • Companies who resort to transport containers and containers made of metal in their ERP.
  • Companies with a system of integrated supply chains and commodity flows.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Thanks to the revolutionary RFID technology from SECTAG, there is no need anymore to compromise in the ERP. 


SECTAG transponders are a world innovation. They redefine ERP Systems and create new dimensions. Until now, products and transport containers made of metal were not compatible with the innovative and cost-efficient RFID technology.

Because of the innovative transponder technology from SECTAG, RFID tags can be integrated in the ERP of a business without having to make concessions.

From now on, all stocks and international streams of transport containers and products made of metal can be completely monitored and supervised without compromise. 

merchandise management


merchandise management

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