SECTAG Logistics

Who can profit from the new SECTAG technology?

  • Companies who produce metals, precious metals or alloys
  • Companies who resort to transport containers made of metal in their logistics.
  • Companies in need of a consistent transparency in their container logistics

From now on, RFID tags can be integrated in the logistics of products and transport containers made of metal without any problem.


Until today, many businesses could not implement the innovative and cost-efficient RFID technology in their logistics network. Containers, transport containers and various products can now be equipped with the new SECTAG transponders.

The boundaries are now being redrawn in the logistics and this allows for a broad implementation of the RFID technology.

The new world innovation from SECTAG provides a more efficient control of all logistical processes in the supply chain management.

Investments in the RFID technology in the area of logistics rapidly bring cost advantages.




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