SECTAG Production

Who can profit from the new SECTAG technology?

  • Companies who produce metals, precious metals or alloys.
  • Businesses whose production equipment is made of metal, which consequently affects a businesses RFID network and causes disruptions in the production chain.
  • Companies seeking potential cost savings in their production and rapid returns on investment.

RFID can now be integrated both in the production and in the manufacturing process of products consisting of metals, precious metals and alloys.


Most importantly: Not only is RFID an innovative technology for big businesses, but there will also be millions of application possibilities for midsize businesses in the coming years. The RFID technology is contributing more and more to the further atomization of manufacturing processes in the industrial production.


RFID creates a new dimension for complex manufacturing processes and guarantees a quantifiable "added value".

Investments in the new RFID technology from SECTAG will bring a return on investment within 1 - 2 years.




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